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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Psychological skills training 

for athletes, coaches, and organisations

Jonny Wilkinson

Holds the record for the most points scored (277) in Rugby World Cups.

"If you have an idea of what your best is, it's not your best, it's just your next limit."

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Elliot Smith Sport Psychology

I have a passion for supporting people to engage and thrive in sports and exercise, whether that be in elite-level competition or at the local gym. Success can be however you define it, and I believe a suitable balance between physical and psychological training can allow you to achieve success. The services I provide can be beneficial for any athlete, sports coach, or organisation that strives to improve. These services can be tailored specifically for your own needs and desires, representing a unique and specialised kind of support.

I have experience working in a variety of different settings. For example, football, golf, tennis, trampolining, athletics, mixed martial arts, rugby, table tennis, gymnastics, skiing and CrossFit. I have been able to support individuals ranging from 8 years old all the way to 60+ years old. Whether you have aspirations of a professional career in sport, or there's an upcoming competition that you are passionate about, or you simply play sport because it's something you enjoy and it's good for your health. I can cater for all types of needs. 


Whilst I can support you in various directions

 I could provide services for:

  • Performing under pressure

  • Motivation and confidence

  • Focus, concentration and attention

  • Group workshops and seminars

  • Managing anxiety, relaxation training and mindfulness

  • Visualisation and imagery

  • Pre- and post- competition strategies

  • Rehabilitation and recovery

  • Wellbeing and welfare support

Based in Bedfordshire, I am currently completing my final stages of training in becoming a Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist, via the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES). I am prepared to work face-to-face, and via online resources such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and other apps that use FaceTime such as WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
It takes bravery and courage to ask for support, these may be your first steps in understanding how you can enhance and improve the qualities you already posses. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

I look forward to working with you.    

Graduation picture

elliot smith

Mark Rutherford Upper School and Sixth Form (2012-2017)

A-Level Psychology

Triple BTEC Diploma in Sport and Exercise Sciences


University of Birmingham (2017-2020)

BSc Sport, Exercise, and Rehabilitation Sciences (2:1)


Loughborough University (2020-21)

MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology (Merit) 

The Open University via BASES (2021-2022)

DE200 Investigating Psychology 

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loughborough university
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Nikki, CrossFit

"So pleased with how I handled my head...I actually really enjoyed the day and that never happens as I'm usually so stressed...Thank you for all your help so far. Competing already feels like a totally different experience."

female track athlete

4 X 1 hour one-to-one consultation


Discuss with a sport psychologist your strengths, areas for improvements, and opportunities moving forward. Work together to produce a skills development program that will enable you to achieve your goals. 

male golfer

5 X 30 minute
one-to-one consultation


Work with a sport psychologist over the space of 3 sessions to develop, design, and implement a mental skills training programme that targets your areas for improvement and facilitates achievement and growth.  

male football team

1 X 2 hour Group / team workshop


Utilise a sport psychologist to enhance group chemistry, cohesion, resilience, and collective achievement. Groups can tailor their workshops according to specific skills they would like to develop. 

special promotions

female coach and female footballer

Sport psychologist
for a day


Coaches, trainers and leaders can seek advice from a sport psychologist regarding how to improve the quality of their interactions with athletes, clients and participants. These sessions can be tailored to individual needs and specific goals. 

black coach and black athlete

1 x 45 Minute careers advice in sport psychology


Receive advice from a sport psychologist in terms of the qualifications and training necessary to become a sport psychologist. In addition, receive feedback regarding work experience opportunities in sport psychology and developing your CV.

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